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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> reporter: cut, struck and left on the street, chester police commissioner joseph bail at the fourth and morton. police say the the officer was heading west on fourth back to the police station when the alleged offending driver, made an illegal turn on to morton, cutting off traffic behind it, and then clipping the the officer's bike. the the bike, sent flying through the intersection, striking on coming traffic. the officer, flying in the road an estimated 30 feet, the driver, completing his left turn and fleeing. commissioner relieved to hear his officers could be okay upset to find out what happened.
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if you know anything about this, you're asked to call police immediately. for now report aring live from chester, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> steve, thank you for that. >> team coverage continues as crozer-chester medical center where officer was taken, for treatment. that is david spunt, david? >> reporter: ukee, considering what happened we're told this officer is going to be okay. we don't necessity his name yet, but they say he is a five-year veteran just finishing out his week. heading back to headquarters at a time when this happen. he ironically investigates accidents lake this but he is now part of this accident. he has been here for last several hours. he haded a cat scan. authorities say that cat scan looked good. i had a chance to speak with the mayor john linder in chester who said he is frustrate that had somebody would hit an officer basically
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leave them for dead and then just take off. take a listen to the mayor. >> anytime, anyone, hits somebody, has an accident and they leave the scene that is very frustrating because it will take a lot have work for to us find out who did it but we will find out. >> reporter: good news this officer is awake, he is alert, he knows exactly what happened, we are told he is visiting with family and should be released later today. we don't know his name but good news this officer is expect to make a full recovery as police search for person driving this car that hit this police officer. we are live at crozer medical center david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". not far from you also in chester a child porn ring turns deadly. agents were serving a warrant in the 600 block of high land avenue earlier this morning when authorities entered a home they say, a man pulled a gun on them and shots were fired. man was kill. three other suspects were taken in custody. pope francis arrives in philadelphia, two weeks from tomorrow and city leaders are
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now working to fill up hotel rooms. right new there are about 3,000 rooms still available. mayor michael nutter could not explain why so many still have not been booked but that is changing. >> we can see it. >> we are planning on a, once in a generation event but we're still seeing bookings. bookings are coming in. >> booking a roomies now one of the few options still available. plans for a francis fields campground in fair mount park were scrapped due to lack of interest. officialness montgomery county announced transportation and safety plans for a papal visit. jim melwart of our sister station kyw news radio has more now from conshohocken. >> reporter: montgomery county official from his police chiefs to communication specialist addressing comfort facilities and train stations to safety around saint charles, where pope will stay during his visit. one topic schuylkill river trail is into and out of the
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city. david brown with the can john of safety with anyone thinking of the using the trail need to know what they are getting into just from the philadelphia montgomery county line it is still about 10 miles to the art museum. >> that is about an hour ride on the bike from the county line and walking is three to 4 . that ace three i hour walk. >> the schuylkill expressway, closed at blue route i476 and closure of city from belmont to lancaster avenue. pennsylvania state the police will be at the 12 location as long area highway in case of medical emergency while stuck in traffic. >> we will water throughout the area. we will also have power bars that type of stuff in the event of the grid lock. >> reporter: one thing officials point out it is their job to plan for the worst. they say it is a great honor to have pope staying here in montgomery county during his visit and they expect everything to be smoothly. in conshohocken, jim melwart for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and stay with "eyewitness news" for latest on the papal
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visit when we are not here on tv you can always get details on line at cbs america is pausing today to remember the 14th observance of the september 11th, terror a tax. bells told during ceremonies at ground zero, the pentagon and in shanksville, pennsylvania, that is where terrorist crash four hijack planes and killed nearly 3,000 people. the president, and first lady join white house staff in the moment of silence at 8:46 a.m., the moment that the first plane hit the world trade center. many of those who perish in the september 11th attacks on america were from our area today an emotional ceremony was hell at garden of reflection in bucks county to mark solemn occasion. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us now with that part of the story tonight, greg? >> reporter: and, ukee, good afternoon, this morning like you mentioned hundreds of people gathered here in bucks county at garden of reflection to pay their respects to the
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18 men and women from this area who lost their lives, some 14 years ago. as of this evening we're expecting hundreds more here for yet another ceremony. >> with that piercing toll of the moment that the first plane struck, dozens gathered at garden of reflection in bucks county remembering our nation's tragedy four years ago. >> this is a day where we remember america's scars. >> reporter: the scars are still very deep, and still still so very real for families of the 9/11 victims from pennsylvania. >> i lost my cousin michael on 9/11. >> reporter: wife's who attended this morning's service and still hoping for healing. >> today is always a difficult day coming to the garden makes it easier, the amount of the community that comes out, to support. >> reporter: well after this morning's ceremony ended a steady stream of those members of the community, trickled
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into the garden. men, women and children who did not know victims personally but like so many of us are personally affect by the attack. >> everything in the newspapers, and all just made me want to come here and pay me respects and show my solidarity with the families. >> reporter: there are 18 families from bucks county who lost loved ones, victims who did nothing but show up for work that beautiful morning, and never returned home. >> i can't imagine what they went through. their memories are always with us. >> now this evening's ceremony is a candle light vigil that begins here at the garden of reflection at 7:30 tonight. we are live in bucks county, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will have continuing coverage on the "cbs evening news" and that is coming upright after this broadcast. coastguard suspend this search for miss buying lot
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whose small plane crashed off coast of atlantic city yesterday. radio transmissions revealed air traffic control lost contact with 68 year-old michael moore for two hours after it took off from gaylord michigan. unusual behavior, forced norad to scramble two, f-16 fighter jets to see what was going on. >> when they failed to respond to air traffic controllers, we have launched, fortunately the time we were able to get visual of the aircraft itself, it had already started downward smile in the atlantic ocean. >> the coastguard said crews searched crash site over a 22 hour period but found no site of the pilot. hundreds of thousands of people will be in philadelphia, for papal visit. >> officials are taking no chances, they want everyone safe, walt. >> reporter: medics on motorcycles, if you need aid, it just might be the answer tour prayers. we will have that story coming up. we've got salty, we have saferry and we have sweet, we
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are live in sea isle and food truck festival lou we go i's ice cream what is that. >> we have a ice cream doughnut sandwich right here in sea isle city, come check us out. >> are you kidding me. >> kate? >> take ate way. >> are you kidding me? i need to you bring one back for us, vittoria. look at storm scan three. nice night in the region but this front coming in tomorrow, and it will bring chance for few showers and storms for your saturday, we will have full forecast and seven day coming up when we come back.
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tonight at 11:00 this south jersey teacher is back to working out, without joint pain, after getting a new kind of patch. and health reporter stephanie stahl has the the first look at this, brand new treatment. >> anyone needing medical help along huge crowd expected for pope in montgomery county might be surprised to see a medicinish roar up and especially equipped met or cycle. >> only one of the kind in the entire state of pennsylvania. our walt hunter, reports. >> reporter: don't be surprised if instead of the traditional ambulance, you
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see, this motorcycle with paramedic kenna board roaring up to your side. if you need medical help, among the papal crowds. >> i carry the same medications, ekg, advanced airway supplies, that the ambulance carries. >> reporter: but unlike an ambulance, the motorcycle medical unit cuts through, and around grid lock gatherings, easily. >> motorcycle, i can ride on sidewalks, i can basically get off street. >> don't to have wait to get to the hospital, we will bring hospital with the physician and medicine ape skills to you. >> this is cardiac monitor, can do defibrillation, pacing. >> reporter: cheltenham ambulance personnel who bout the bike in 2,000 to answer calls and choked highway construction zones, now are working with narberth ambulance crews who are first responders at saint charles seminary where the pope will be staying. >> it cuts the times when you call for help to when you get help. >> reporter: based on their past experience motorcycle
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medics say they expect that anyone calling for medical help here in montgomery county might be a bit surprised. to see it coming up, roaring on two wheels. >> the big question is where will you put the patient. i say throw them on the back, you see. of course, i'm kidding. >> reporter: medics on met or cycles for those who need help in the huge papal gathering, perhaps, an answer to their prayers. in montgomery county, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". very nice. >> clever. >> indeed. >> fun down the shore does not end on labor day. there are many events through the fall, all over the new jersey shore. >> this weekend is a food lover's paradise in sea isle city and vittoria woodill is there at food truck festival and it looks like paradise. >> it is a food paradise, jessica, ukee, we are live in sea isle city at second annualed if truck festival. there are 20-foot trucks here that come from all over the the tri-state area and beyond and everyone is having a good
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time including nicole, it is her weekend shout out to beyonce out there. he's so jealous right now. >> yes. >> he is jealous what you have in your hand or we have tried this. >> that was my creamy bun does it blow your mine. >> amazing, delicious. ice cream amazing. serial that was in it i ate it all but it was amazing. you really didn't give me a chance. >> no. >> well, have a great time. enjoy yourself. it is in the only food for humans. it is also good for for the pets and dog lovers alike. vern call you are making delicious treats as well here at the festival. >> yes, we are. >> what do we have here for us. >> we have grain free, gluten free and regular dog treats. >> again, something for everyone and everyone who enjoys a bone. we don't have enough cable to go around the whole place. we'd love to. but with over 20 food trucks we brought some of the most delicious treats. everything is delicious. i will get down the line to the food truck vendors and
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they can tell you what they have here. >> i'm jessica, and we have pork parfait, pork corn mashed tomatoes cheese bacon a a cup, delicious. >> wildest sunday ever. >> my name is matt from nick's roast beef on cottman avenue and we have brought our famous roast beef sandwiches. >> cottman, northeast native, i love it. >> i'm nicole we have the grilled food truck and i brought a delicious chicken sandwich with brushe to. t and a glaze. >> yummy. >> i'm mitch with pb and u and we have barbecue chicken flat bread. >> terrific. >> i'm lou, check us out with ice cream doughnut sandwiches, creamy bun. >> it will blow your socks off. >> veto's hot dogs and we have dragon dog right here, eat three and they are free. >> i like it spicy. i will kill that dragon dog and remember the food truck festival is in sea isle, friday, 9:00 p.m., saturday, sunday, 53rd and land his is avenue. check it out.
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it is something for everyone and there is also what looked to be a moon bounce. i will jump on that as well because i need to break calories that i couldn't zoomed here at food festival. so, all right you guys. >> that is really spicy. >> start getting on the moon bounce first. >> okay. >> that looks good. >> that looks delicious. >> very good, veto. >> veto. >> and thank you veto and all of you, way to go, guys. >> too funny. >> wonder if the dragon,. >> and it is on fire. >> maybe fire down here. >> yes. >> indeed. and you may want to pack an umbrella just this case. >> please send me a perfect weekend, past 26 been perfect. this weekend iffy we will have showers popping up down the shore and in the city as well, also in the poconos and it is kind of a unsettled weekend. not a complete wash out, but
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you have to keep an eye to the skies, and lets take a look how evening is shaping up. we will start off in center city where we have a few cloud drifting through. glummy start to the day, sun has been in and out all day but what a beautiful evening, comfortable with eye nice breeze. clouds have been slow to clear, and, cape may courthouse where clouds are still in place, 76 degrees. and cloud move out to sea. we will see a beautiful sunset, it is in progress, in the next 15 to 20 minutes or so and with that storm off shore we will get reflection on the cloud off the coast, it would be nice if you look west. what to expect for your saturday, sunshine to start, afternoon showers and thunderstorms to start. and then on sunday more clouds than sun. chance for showers in the morning. we will see breaks have of sun throughout the the course of the the day and cooler, and breezy day, but, here's cold front producing showers and
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thunderstorms for michigan, eastern canada all the way down into tennessee right now. that will get here tomorrow afternoon. we will start off saturday on a nice note things go downhill in the afternoon hours. eighty-one right now. otherwise we have 70's across much of the region. seventy-six in atlantic city. seventy-eight in millville. seventy-four in mount pocono. feeling confidentable this afternoon. it is cooler down the shore. cloud have been slower to clear. we are looking at 74 barnegat light. seventy-five ocean city. seventy-five in stone harbor. moving through here on future weather we can see tomorrow starts off with sun but then by 11:00 a.m. a couple spotty showers. main push of the front will come through late afternoon 4:00 p.m. a few showers and storms around. eventually clearing out saturday night. afternoon doesn't look that great. sunday starts with clouds and stray shower, you can see sunshine here at 3:00 p.m., can't rule out a shower but should be nice. albeit breezy and cool. overnight partly cloudy,
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comfortable at 65. sun giving way to cloud with afternoon shower or thunderstorm. rosh hashanah begins sunday at sundown mostly cloudy and breezy at 71 degrees at the start of the holiday. eyewitness weather seven day forecast looks good. after we get through weekend. it is not as great just in time to head back to work and school we will get stretch of the nicest weather we have seen in a while. seventy-seven on tuesday, wednesday, thursday we are nice and warm. >> it looks great. >> thanks. >> we will be right back.
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>> time for football frenzy. >> pat gallon joining us from washington township high school with that, pat. >> we are here in washington township, high, as minutemen
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look to take on cherokee, last year a rough year for minutemen of washington township, two behind eight record, but they are bringing back returning starters so that is good news they went nine-3a year ago. they were group five champions so they bring some power to the house tonight. i got to catch up with township head coach mark, mark with his time with the team. >> south jersey football is good and we're on schedule. very strong, cherokee is very well coached, discipline and expect to see tough ground game and tough defense. it should make for interesting football. >> as i said, it begins our friday football frenzy, cbs-3 tonight at 11:00. we will have full coverage of the games in our area. if you want to keep up use the hashtag cbs-3 friday football frenzy, tag the best videos of the night. we will do our best to get them on air later tonight at 11:00.
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now to the philadelphia eagles as they continue to prepare for monday night against the mal cons we will check off the season. we have been waiting forever. it is almost here. eagles owner jeffery lurie spoke to the media for first time since owners meeting in march. sam bradford, demarco murray just to name a few the eagles offence looked unstoppable. averaging over 33-point ape game but laurie isn't starting a championship parade just yet ,. >> great summer, excellent preseason. we have to play when it is prime time ape regular season. there is no correlation between preseason or regular season at all. but what the ingredients are looks great. i mean it looks wonderful. but now we have to get out and beat atlanta. >> serena williams had a lay up to the finals in the u.s. open to become first person to win calendar grand slam but was upset by forty-third
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ranked player robert da vinchi. afterward she said sometimes a miracle happens. sometimes it does happen. tonight washington township and cherokee, here at washington township it is our friday football frenzy, we are ready guys, are you. >> i'm ready, great night for football. >> we will be right back. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. >> up next, "cbs evening news". tonight on the road with the 101 year-old kid in the candy store, she showed steve hartman her fountain of youth next. here is jim axle rod take care we will see you tonight.
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>> axelrod: ben carson, surging in the polls and calling out protesters in ferguson, missouri. >> reporter: you think there's an undercurrent of bullying in black lives matter? >> sure, absolutely. >> axelrod: also tonight, major news on treating high blood pressure. just-released video shows police taking down a former tennis star in a case of mistaken identity. a shocker at the u.s. open. no grand slam for serena. >> today is my day. sorry, guys. >> axelrod: and steve hartman discovers the fountain of youth in a candy store. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> axelrod: good evening. scott's off. i'm jim axelrod. on this 14th anniversary of 9/11, americans once again relied on theua


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